Outside of Portland, Oregon, in a small town by the road to the coast, 61-year-old Bill Hawkins has a time machine in his garage. Read more

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Re-funded School Bond Would Help Upgrade Facilities

In the midst of its budget unknowns and a lack of funding on the state level, the Sheridan School District will seek voter approval to use additional funds it has garnered from an existing bond. Read more

*This story originally appeared in the March 26, 2014 issue of The Sheridan Sun*

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Portland Program Sees to Immigrant Eye Health

One Monday a month, a room at one of Portland’s Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization centers fills with new immigrants from across the world, all brought together by a need for eye care. Read more at OPB

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Pierce College Members Unite Over Disaster in Japan

For the Japanese students of Pierce College, the earthquake could not have come at a worse time -- they were thousands of miles from home and on the eve of finals week. Read More

*This story originally appeared in the March 23, 2011 issue of The Puyallup Herald*

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Decades of Show Business and Passion Pay Off

Puyallup Resident Lynda Pressey has done everything from radio and television to big band and Broadway style shows, but at the age of 70 she doesn't want to give up show business for anything. Read more

*This story originally appeared in a December 2010 issue of The Puyallup Herald*

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Comments on Pond Fuel Frustration

Frustration with a comment by the city’s engineer questioning the district’s decision to deal with its fire suppression flow issues through a holding pond at the Oaken Hills Campus were part of a bond committee progress report at last week’s Willamina School Board meeting. Read more

*This story originally appeared in the April 16, 2014 issue of The Sheridan Sun*

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Sheridan School district faces sequester cuts

Sheridan School Board’s budget for next year will look a lot like this year’s budget, with a few exceptions.

Although it is still unclear exactly how much school districts will be allotted, the district’s budget committee is working off of an expected budget of $6.54 million for next year.

Read more

*This story originally appeared in the June 5, 2013 issue of The Sheridan Sun*

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Local Family Starts Farm for Veterans 

After five tours of duty with the United States Army, Charles Estanol knows exactly how hard it is for veterans to reintegrate into society, which is why he wants to lend his expertise to recent combat veterans and help facilitate their transitions back into society. Read more

*This story originally appeared in the October, 24 2012 issue of The Sheridan Sun*

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Standing behind the meat counter at the Hawthorn New Seasons Meat Department counter, Barb Hroza’s head is just visible over one of the three scales that sits on the stainless steel top of the meat case. As she works, Hroza keeps a slouchy blue hat pushed back on her head just far enough that her oval face is lightly framed by her dark brown hair, which is pulled back in a low ponytail beneath the cap. Her body, wrapped in a white butcher’s smock and brown apron, and feet nearly disappear behind the thick glass of the case. Read more